North African Holidays: Bender (Instrument)

Bender (Instrument)
The Bender is a percussion instrument of North Africa. It is a frame drum similar enough to adf Asian part of membranophones. The Berbers call also Allun. Do not confuse it with tar.

On an average diameter of 40 cm, depth Bender (frame width) remarkable 15 cm. The framework consists of strapping wood nettle. A hole is arranged to facilitate handling. It is equipped with a goatskin stuck covering the whole frame. A stamp of gut strings is fixed along the skin, giving it a buzzing sound and increase bass generous. The bendirs are often very colorful.

It is played sitting or standing during the festivities, with vigorous strokes of the hands and fingers, sometimes with movements swirling around the thumb.

King Instrument festivals and folk dances of the Maghreb in particular Chaoui, it is also widely used by women and the Sufi brotherhoods.

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