Mucica Nortena, Mexican Culture

Mucica Nortena
Music Nortena also called Norteño is a genre typical of northern Mexico is playing traditional instruments like the accordion, bajo sexto on a large six-string guitar, the slap, slap bass strings that are as Percussion.

Nortena music combines different rhythms at once, it is a rich style and tonic hilarious sometimes resembling the polka rhythms (two-stroke, tempo fast enough, well-articulated rhythms), cumbia, and instrumented in the manner of a mariachi band and in this modern genre borrows the style of rock.

Born in the Mexican territory of Texas and returned by Czech and German immigrants, the accordion became the soul of music Tejan invented before the annexation of the state by the Americans by the descendants of Mexicans living in the southern USA. Like Tex-Mex, musica Nortena is most characteristic of the descendants of the inhabitants of that territory, and is a relatively new genre in popular music of Latin America.

Bajo sexto The guitar is a mass that is often confused with the larger and yet guitarrón which is exclusively artisanal production and is the typical instrument of conjunto.

The first representatives are famous Narciso Martinez, Bruno Villareal, who recorded a CD of its kind in 1928, and musicians such as Jesus Casiano, Jose Rodriguez, Lolo Cavazos, Patricio Jimenez, Santiago Jimenez and her son that burns some discs in the early 1930s, popularizing the music.

The musicians and the most popular representative of this genre are groups such as Los Tigres del Norte, Ramón Ayala y sus Bravos del Norte, Esteban Jordan, Los Gavilanes, Carlos y Jose, Los Alegres de Terán, Los Huracan del Norte, and Los Tucanes De Tijuana.

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