Britain's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent
Britain's Got Talent is a British television show broadcast on ITV. The purpose of this program is to discover new talent in British artistic fields varied entertainment, music, dance, acrobatics, magic, comedy etc.. Candidates of all ages can attend, but must be amateurs. The winner was awarded the sum of £ 100,000 and has the opportunity to play for the Royal Family of Great Britain at the Royal Variety Performance.

The first issue takes place June 9, 2007 and the winner of this first season is Paul Potts, tenor Welsh.

During the second season May 31, 2008, George Sampson, a street dancer who had already submitted the previous year, won this edition.

For the third edition May 30, 2009, Diversity a hip-hop prevailed before Susan Boyle.

Proceedings of the show
Candidates appearing before an audience and a judging panel of Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan. The suitors have a few minutes to show their talent after responding to the classical judges on their identity, age and activity. If a service does not appeal to a judge, he has the opportunity to press their buzzer. If the three judges on each of their support buzzer, the candidate is forced to stop. Then each of the judges commented on the number and then decides to turn if they are willing to let a chance to represent the semi-finals by saying either "yes" (yes) or "no" (not), voting is done majority.

However all candidates who were endorsed by the judges at the hearings will face a second selection will be done in consultation between the judges without the presence of candidates. Once their decision, the board meets all the candidates to tell them if they come or not the semi-finals.

The semi-finals unlike the hearings are broadcast live. Candidates therefore appear again before the judges, audience and viewers. Judges have always before them their beepers and they may feel that the service is bad the buzzer. Once all issues have been presented, viewers can vote by phone. Anyone who has garnered the most votes reached the final. On the second and third, it is the judges who must decide between them each giving their preference for one of two suitors. The finish is also broadcast live. Candidates are again under comparable conditions.

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