Hadji Mohamed Suharto


Hadji Mohamed Suharto (* 8 June 1921 in Kemusu Arga on Java, Indonesia; † January 27, 2008 in Jakarta) was an Indonesian politicians and Kostradgeneral, from 1967 to 1998, reigning President of the country.

Suharto was switched General and 1965 after protests of left-wing students, and a failed coup attempt allegedly communist President Achmed Sukarno. Since 1966 Head of Government, from 1967, he was the acting head of state. On 27 In March 1968, he was officially president. This office he held until 1998.

During his tenure showed Suharto internationally very open and made no attempts, to isolate his country. His close cooperation with the United States and its neo-liberal economic policies have brought him prestige in addition to the west. Suharto visited Germany twice, once in 1970 and a second time in July 1991 at the invitation of the then Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

In domestic policy, the General showed great toughness and switched any opposition. After his seizure of power in Indonesia was about one million communists and regierungsfeindliche students murdered. Simultaneously with her murder was also the genocide of the Chinese in Indonesia.

In Suharto's reign also covered the internationally wrongful occupation of East Timor in 1975 and the subsequent massacre there, where more than a third of all East Timoraner was extinguished.

After prolonged student protests had Suharto, 21 Resign in May 1998, the new president was his choice as successor Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie.

After the end of his regime, he was in court for corruption. He was accused of at least 571 million US dollars of public funds to have embezzled. On 28 September 2000, the procedure for health reasons set his son Hutomo Mandala Putra (Tommy gen) was on 26 September convicted sat after a successful flight some time in prison, but was "early" in December 2006 dismissed.

Suharto's daughter Siti Hediati Harijadi is married with Prabowo Subianto.

On 4 January 2008 Suharto was in critical condition at a hospital in Jakarta submitted; after, according to the doctors his health condition deteriorated steadily initially had stabilized it after Suharto to a dialysis machine was connected. His health condition was 12nd January as a "deteriorated dramatically" and the doctors gave him only a chance of survival by 50 percent.


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