The hip-hop is a cultural and artistic movement emerged in the United States in the early 1970's and has since spread throughout the world. Deriving ghettos in New York, he mixes aspects festive and claims. He was at first appeared in the celebration, in clubs in Brooklyn, you can also appoint "The Grand Master Flash", "The Suugarhill Gang", "Kurtis Blow" and many others who have exercised in the same clubs alongside the MC (Master of Ceremony). Then when this new musical style was able to spread until bronx it has been used as a tool of claim. Indeed its lyricité was praised by groups like Public Enemy. "

The four main elements of hip-hop culture are rap, and generally hip-hop music, graffiti, deejaying, break dance and other dances hip-hop. It also adds sometimes the human beatbox, and even street-language, the street-fashion, street-knowledge and street-entrepreneurialism

Often likened to that rap is only one of its aspects, the history of hip-hop movement is often confused with the current musical. The hip-hop culture is now urban most widespread in the world and one that has the most adherents, who are both in Africa than in Japan or Latin America.

The hip-hop was inseparable from the "block parties" where the streets are closed with barricades and cars to block traffic. The DJ then arrived and plugged on street lighting. It is in these block-parties that the MCing and Breakdance have emerged, and that the graffiti had met to exchange views. Later, Afrika Bambaataa élèments put this all together in a single word, hip-hop, with a covering pacifist philosophy, the Zulu Nation.

* Origins of hip-hop

The hip-hop music
The hip-hop music is based on two aspects: the production (also called beatmaking) and the rap song (also called emceeing (or emcee MC)). The beatmaking can often be confused with the DJing for the simple reason that both are part of the background music (or beat) used by the MC for rapper.

The Beatmaking
The Beatmaking is usually done by computer with specialized programs, although initially MC rappait instrumental on the part of a song looped past. The beat was composed from samples of disks. First, a beat normally consists of three sections: the bassline (the shape of the bass in the instrumental), the melody (the main line, one that will capture the attention), and the drumline (sounds of drums ex: snares, drums). Several Beatmakers prefer to use other instrumental samples and mix to create a melody, but it is equally possible to compose completely.

The MCing
The MCing, or rap, the song is choppy words often very colourful, rich and assonances alliteration. Influenced by the Toasting and precursors in the jazz or rock, it is a success as it treats sometimes hip-hop music with rap.

MC is the name that identifies those behind the evenings or events, but also includes rappers. The initials MC correspond to English Master of Ceremony.

The first DJs encouraging the public who attended the celebrations to dance. However, one of them, Grandmaster Flash, was so busy passing his records and listen to it soon became necessary to hire two friends to encourage public place. Soon, the first rappers felt the urge to say something more, and began to "drop knowledge" about the ghetto, their everyday life, and so on.

The first rappers and groups of famous rap

* KRS-One
* Grandmaster Flash
* Run DMC
* Beastie Boys
* LL Cool J
* Sugarhill Gang
* Big Daddy Kane
* Afrika Bambaataa
* Last Poets

Early rap groups had a style oriented celebration, the words were punctuated with onomatopoeia Old School, plus music by the presence of the then biggest DJ. Rap moves gradually towards a style with more aware, firstly, "The Message" by Grand Master Flash and Melle Mel. Later, with groups like Public Enemy's speech are radicalized. Then, finally, from several rappers from local gangs Gangsta Rap produced in the late 80's. It's a few years later that the style "West Coast" was devoilé the general public with the group Niggaz With Attitude (NWA), and their album Straight Outta Compton, as well as groups like Compton's Most Wanted, South Central Cartel or Cypress Hill.

The DJing
The DJing is to move disks simultaneously, blending and altering. The DJ does this using various techniques like scratching, cutting, the Baby scratch or Crab. Several Djs are now stars such as DJ Premier, former teammate Guru of Gangstarr in their group, and DJ Craze, who won the tournament on tournament! Not to mention DJ Clue, which thanks to his mixtapes was the first DJ in the scene Hip Hop sell more than a million records.

Girls in the Hip-hop
Meme si le hip hop est tout d'abord investi par une majorité d'hommes, en effet les textes ne sont pas toujours tres progressistes et se font l'écho d'une réalité de terrain relativement sexiste, cependant les choses changent et les filles little has come a little to get a place. As Rappeuse cited firstly Missy Elliot, but Fergie of the Black eyed peas. In France there Keny Arkana and Casey or Diam's, Lady laistee, Princess Anies. Many singers are R & B hip-hop.

The dance hip-hop
The hip-hop dance with the appparaît breakdance, a dance characterized by its acrobatic and its figures on the ground and that is partly based Funk Styles (Locking, and Popping Boogaloo). The dancers are also called breakers, b-boys and b-girl. New styles have emerged as House dance, new style, Hooba Lumps, C-walk).

The Funk styles, older than the bboying and that the hip-hop in general, is regarded as being part of the hip-hop dances.

These dances, principally its breakdance, are marked by numerous battles and violence is not physical but artistic, or the winner of the "conflict" the best of both. Today BBoys among the best known include: Junior, Hong10 or members of Gamblers Crew.

Philosophy hip-hop
The hip-hop is the bearer of the message of Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation. It is called "peace, love and having fun" or "peace, love and fun," but also respect for others and the unity of peoples. The hip-hop is a culture of peace, promoting multi-racialité, despite the bad image that laymen have, conveyed by certain groups of rap.

There is also an element implicit in each discipline: surpassing oneself. Indeed, whether in dance, music or graffiti, the performer is invited to improve each time to get a better result, more satisfying, and pushing its own limits whenever farther.


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