Kris Lawrence Parker aka KRS One, born Aug. 20, 1965, TM is a native of South Bronx, New York. It is often identified as a major player in the "True Rap", the report said "political".

Hardcore Rap Debut
It was during his adolescence, spent in the streets and the library district to learn philosophy and history, which he first adopted its nickname Kris Parker handlers in the art of graffiti in the neighborhood, signing his works of a "KRIS-One", which later becomes KRS-ONE (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone).

It was after a meeting with Ced Gee, leader of Ultramagnetic Mc's, as Kris decides rapper, and record with him, thanks to his sampler-box rhythms, a piece entitled "Advance". At the same time, in a shelter, he met a teacher, Scott the Rock, which makes it the mid know New York through the evenings with the crew of yesteryear Scott, Celebrity 3, Kris eventually integrate and rename Boogie Down Crew.

It forms Boogie Down Productions, former Boogie Down Crew with DJ Scott the Rock, his mentor, and released their first album, Criminal Minded (1987) at B-Boys Records, an album dancehall influences in the flow, containing samples of James Brown and texts equivocal on the subject of murder ( "9mm Goes Bang").

Boogie Down These years are years of growing reputation for KRS-One, who often found themselves opposed to the Juice Crew Queens-bridge during battles (including Rap Battle For Supremacy), in particular Mc Shan, during ' and a memorable assassin "The Bridge is Over" by KRS-One, who came into the stronghold of the Juice Crew, in order to prove to Mc Shan, and especially in the crew, the full extent of his verbal mastery, sparking a controversy over the district Origin of Hip Hop (KRS for South Bronx and Queens Bridge for the Juice Crew).

The Teacher
Scott murdered the Rock, Boogie Down is turning increasingly to a report politicized, better known as rap aware (assimilated to Rap Politics). KRS-One becomes a rapper turned to the less provocative and more thoughtful, and federates rappers around compilations HEAL and Stop The Violence Movement. He splits his nickname of "The battle Blastmaster" (The spray) for the benefit of "The Teacha" (Prof.) and located in KRS-One an acronym for "Knowledge Reigns Supreme - Over Nearly Everyone" (Knowledge reigns master on almost everyone).

At Jive Records then emerging with the albums Boogie Down By All Means Necessary (1988) with references to Malcolm X as coverage where Kris appears with a uzi by hand and guettant to a window Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of Hip Hop (1989), then in 1990 Edutainment, Live Hardcore Worldwide (1991), and finally in 1992 Sex And Violence last album dated BOP.

For his first solo album, Return Of The Boom Bap, KRS-One surrounds himself with talented producers whose most famous is DJ Premier (the first half of Gangstarr), and others as Showbiz and Kid Capri. KRS-One continues to cause with the very effective and still very critical "Sound of Da Police", one of the songs from the first album hailed by the New York scene.

In the second eponymous album KRS-One, it has enlisted the services of Channel Live, Busta Rhymes, Mad Lion and Fat Joe. In 1997 I Got Next fate containing further "Step Into a World," collaborations with Redman bonus track and a remix of "Step Into A World" by Puff Daddy.

Recent Career
In 2001, KRS The Sneak Attack fate which follows A Retrospective released in 2000 (its best compilation comprising securities and BOP solo), in fact this new opus appears to be more virulent than I Got Next, The Teacha as he likes to be called out here in independent productions without big sellers and guests with the sole purpose of spreading knowledge.

Finally in 2002 Spiritual Minded fate of Krs-One (editor's note: As self-pitiful showing the name of the first album Boogie Down) and The Temple Of Hip Hop on Koch (label with whom he has a contract very special including a conscience clause and a clause cultural aimed at conveying the spirit of Hip Hop so dear to KRS-One). KRS-One, marked by the events of Sept. 11, 2001, shows his influences and thus religious gospel with titles such as "Lord Live Within My Heart" and "Come To The Temple".

Today KRS-One is known for his texts socially and politically engaged who advocate self-knowledge and education (as in "You Must Learn") gives numerous lectures in universities (Harvard, Yale, Stanford), it also acts much in the social sector by creating "Human Education Against Lies" handing out books and CDs to the poor.

Rappeur aware, poet, producer, benefactor, religious (pastor of the Church of Riverside - Harlem and founder of the "Temple of Hip Hop"), it was also, following his departure from Jive (after I Got Next), director Artistic Warner.

His latest album, The Mixtape (2002), his long version vs. Prophet. Profit (2002), Kristyle (2003) and Keep Right (2004) have continued in the same style, both in terms of themes and texts that musically. Without concessions, they have met with only limited success. KRS-. 2005 featuring in with Rockin 'Squat of Assassin on the song "Our philosophy "on the album" Politikement incorrect "Mr R.

In June 2006, he released the album "Life", signed with the label Antagonist. This album is a kind of homecoming, and there are KRS energetic as ever, but on sleek productions with featurings members of the group "FootSoldiers." Again the Teacher reminds us that: "Hip Hop is not a product; Hip Hop is you and me."

Boogie Down Productions
* Criminal Minded (1987)
* Man & His Music (1988)
* By All Means Necessary (1988)
* Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop (1989)
* Edutainment (1990)
* Live Hardcore Worldwide (1991)
* Sex and Violence (1992)

Solo albums
* Return of the Boom Bap (1993)
* KRS One (1995)
* I Got Next (1997)
* The Sneak Attack (2001)
* Profits vs. Prophets (2002)
* Spiritual Minded (2002)
* Kristyles (2003)
* KRS-One: The Mixtape (2003)
* The Kristyle (Reissued on new label with new songs) [ "To have everything,
keep radiating in spirit through your love everyday."] (2003)

* Digital (2004)
* Keep Right (2004)
* Life (2006) album review
* HipHop Lives (with Marley Marl) (2007)


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