Pyramid (architecture)


Pyramid (architecture)
The pyramid is a construct which approximates the shape of the object geometry of the same name.

Ancient Monuments
The pre-Columbian civilizations (Aztecs, the Incas, Mayans ...), and Egyptian civilizations, have created many pyramids, use religious temple or burial.

The most famous are probably the pyramids of Egypt including Pyramid Khéops.

Contemporary Achievements
This form was resumed at the end of the twentieth century by Jean Balladur for the realization of La Grande-Motte.

In San Francisco (California), the architects of the Transamerica Pyramid (built in 1972, 260 meters) chose to deal futuristic form of the pyramid ....

The Pyramid of the Louvre, designed by the Chinese-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei, serves as a gateway monument at the museum.

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