Aash Al Maleek


Aash Al Maleek
Aash Al Maleek (hello royal) is the national anthem of Saudi Arabia.

It glorifies God and calls it grants a long life at home and the King of Saudi Arabia. The words of the song were written by Ibrahim Khafajii (born 1935) and the music is by Abdul Al-Khateeb. It was adopted as the national anthem in 1950.

Sarei Lilmajd Oualalya
Mjjedi Le Khaleg Assama
Ouarfay El Khaffag Akhdar
Yahmil Al-Nour al-Mosattar
Raddedi Allahou Akbar
Raddedi Allahou Akbar
Maouteni 'Icht Fakhr al-Mouslymyn
Aach Al-Malik Lelalam oua al-Ouatan

Press us the glory and supremacy!
Glorify us the Creator of heavens
And we raise the Green Flag,
The emblem of light!
Repeat x2 - God is the Greatest!
Oh My Motherland!
My Fatherland must live forever!
The Glory of all Muslims!
Glory to the King, for the flag and the Fatherland!

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