The Star-Spangled Banner


The Star-Spangled Banner
The Star-Spangled Banner (The Star Banner) is a poem written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key and is now the national anthem of the United States. Lawyer for 35 years and amateur poet, Key wrote after attending during the war of 1812 the bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland, by vessels of the British Royal Navy entered the Chesapeake Bay. The text pays tribute to the heroic resistance of those who defended the fort and were able to fly the American flag at the summit despite the doggedness of the enemy to plant his own.

Performed to the tune of "To Anacreon in Heaven", a popular English song, this poem has become well known as a singing patriotic American. He was recognized for official use by the U.S. Navy in 1889 and by the White House in 1916 and was adopted as the national anthem by a Congressional resolution dated 3 March 1931. The song consists of four stanzas, but usually only the first verse and chorus are first sung today.

In 2006, in order to help Latin American immigrants to the USA Wyclef Jean record Nuestro Himno, a Spanish version The Star-Spangled Banner, with Pitbull, Carlos Ponce, Olga Tanon, Ivy Queen, Andy Andy, Autoridad de la Sierra, Aventura & Rayito, Kalimba, LDA, Tony Sunshine, Patrulla 81, Frank Reyes, Gloria Trevi, Yamayea, N'Klabe, Reik, Kany.

Oh! Look in the clarity of morning
The flag by your famous songs in glory
Including the stars shine in a sky blue
Float on our walls announcing the victory.
The brilliant flash of bombs bursting in the air
We proved in the night that banner so expensive!

Let our banner starry fleet again
Emblême of liberty, freedom.

On the coasts dark through thick fog
When the enemy haughty, in the silence weapon;
What is this gentle breeze that was slowly
We did discover hidden in the distance!
The first light of dawn morning
Rays of glory brillèrent upstage.

Let our banner starry fleet for a long time
On the land of freedom at home of the brave!


Oh! Also as a free man live
Between his home and devastation of war
Blessed with victory and peace, rescued by the sky
Celebrating the power that has preserved the nation
And confidence in the justice of our cause
Again our motto "In God is our hope".

And the starry banner in triumph float
On the country of freedom in the land of the brave!

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