Kimi ga yo


Kimi ga yo
"Kimi ga yo" (君が代, Your reign) is the official anthem of Japan. This poem, addressed to the emperor of Japan, is a waka, a former Japanese poetic style of the Heian era. The author is unknown.

Original Japanese Translation Transcript
君が代は Kimi ga yo wa May your reign
千代に Chiyo nor, Durer thousand years,
八千代に Yachiyo nor, eight thousand generations,
細石の Sazare no ishi until the stones
巌となりて Iwao narite to Become rocks
苔の生すまで Koke no musu made. Recouvertes foam.

The melody that accompanies the poem was composed by Hiromori Hayashi and played the first time at the birthday of Emperor Meiji, November 3, 1880.

Interpretation official
Although played since the Meiji restoration as qu'hymne national, and recited since ancient times during important events, Kimi ga yo is officially became the national anthem of Japan that June 29, 1999, at the same time that the Hinomaru became the official flag of Japan.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi said sense to give this anthem, as the veneration of the emperor in force in Japan in the years preceding the Second World War and during the conflict (the period during which the Kimi ga yo became the de facto Japanese national anthem), and associated with the expansionary militarization of the archipelago at the time, is no longer on the agenda in Japan of the late twentieth century: "The kimi which s' address the Kimi ga yo, under the present constitution of Japan, said the emperor, who is the symbol of the state and the unity of the people, which holds its position on the will of the people residing in the sovereign will, as a whole, Kimi ga yo depicts membership of our countries, including the emperor - which holds its position on the will of the people in whom resides sovereign will - is the symbol and the unity of the people And it is correct to interpret the words of the hymn as a prayer for prosperity and lasting peace in our country. "

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