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Sydney Pollack
Sydney Pollack was an actor, director and producer American, born on 1 July 1934 in Lafayette, Indiana (USA) and death from cancer in Los Angeles on May 26, 2008 at the age of 73 years.

He made Tootsie in 1982 and The Firm (The Firm) in 1993. He also produced The Talented Mr. Ripley (The Talented Mr. Ripley) in 1999.

He was born in Lafayette in Indiana in a family of Russian Jewish immigrants. He studied drama in New York and enrolled at the Neighborhood Playhouse, where he follows the course of Sanford Meisner. Actor and director of television, it binds to this time with a young actor Robert Redford.

In 1966 prohibited the property is really noticed. The 70 years were fruitful in 1970 he was appointed to the Oscar for best director for On completion of horses (1969), in 1972, its western Jeremiah Johnson was presented the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival and in 1975 he turned the Three days of the Condor.

It then several film genres, comedy (Tootsie, 1982) or romantic fresco (Out of Africa in 1985, for which he won seven Oscars).

The mark 90 years especially a return to his initial training as an actor. You see, for example, in Husbands and wives of Woody Allen and Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick.

Through his production company Mirage (founded in 1985) is funding numerous films including Sense and Sensibility for Ang Lee.


As actor

* 1959: Playhouse 90 (TV series). Two episodes:
o For Whom the Bell Tolls: Part 1 (TV episode) - Andres
o For Whom the Bell Tolls: Part 2 (TV episode) - Andres
* 1959: Brenner (TV series). One episode:
o Family Man (TV episode)
* 1959: The United States Steel Hour (TV series). One episode:
o The Case of Julia Walton (TV episode) - Benson
* 1960: Alfred Hitchcock this (Alfred Hitchcock Presents) (TV series). One episode:
o The Contest for Aaron Gold (TV episode) - Bernie Samuelson
* 1960: The Fourth Dimension (The Twilight Zone) (TV series). One episode:
o The Trouble with Templeton (TV episode) - Arthur Willis
* 1961: Have Gun - Will Travel (TV series). Two episodes:
o Quiet Night in Town: Part 1 (TV episode) - Joe Gulp
o Quiet Night in Town: Part 2 (TV episode) - Joe Gulp
* 1961: The Deputy (TV series). One episode:
o Spoken in Silence (TV episode) - Chuck Johnson
* 1961: The Asphalt Jungle (TV series). One episode:
o The Professor (TV episode) - Louie
* 1961-1962: The New Breed (TV series). Two episodes:
o The Compulsion to Confess (1961) (TV episode) - Austin Rogers
o Walk This Lightly Street (1962) (TV episode) - Bert Masters
* 1962: Ben Casey (TV series). One episode:
o Monument to an Aged Hunter (TV episode)
* 1962: War Hunt by Denis Sanders
* 1979: The Electric Horseman - a man passing near Alice (not credited role)
* 1982: Tootsie by Sydney Pollack - George Fields (credited role)
* 1992: Led (The Player) by Robert Altman - Dick Mellon
* 1992: Death is so you (Death Becomes Her) - ER Doctor (not credited role)
* 1992: Husbands and wives (Husbands and Wives) Woody Allen - Jack
* 1994: Frasier (TV series). One episode:
o The Candidate (TV episode) - Holden Thorpe (vocal role)
* 1998: Mad About You (Mad About You) (TV series). One episode:
o Cheating on Sheila (TV episode) - Dr. Sydney Warren
* 1999: Injury (or a civil action in Canada, A Civil Action) - Al Eustis
* 1999: Eyes Wide Shut (or major Eyes closed in Canada, EWS) Stanley Kubrick - Victor Ziegler
* 1999: The Shadow of a suspicion (or The Hasards of heart, Random Hearts) by Sydney Pollack - Carl Broman
* 2000: King of the Hill (TV series). One episode:
o Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy's Magic Sex Feet (TV episode) - Grant Trimble (vocal role)
* 2000?: Fling (TV series). One episode:
o Pilot (TV episode) - The husband of Elizabeth
* 2000-2006: Will & Grace (TV series). Four episodes:
o Oh Dad, Poor Dad, He's Kept Me in the Closet and I'm So Sad (2000) (TV episode) - George Truman
o Cheaters (2001) (TV episode) - George Truman
o Cheatin 'Trouble Blues (2002) (TV episode) - George Truman
o Blanket Apology (2006) (TV episode) - George Truman
* 2001: The Majestic (The Majestic) - an employee of the studio (vocal role)
* 2002: Dérapages uncontrolled (or change lanes, Changing Lanes) - Stephen Delano
* 2005: The Interpreter (The Interpreter) by Sydney Pollack - Jay Pettigrew (role non-credit)
* 2006: Seats orchestra (Orchestra Seats or Avenue Montaigne) Daniele Thompson - Brian Sobinski
* 2007: Soprano (The Sopranos) (TV series). One episode:
o Stage 5 (TV episode) - Warren Feldman
* 2007: Michael Clayton Tony Gilroy - Marty Bach
* 2008: Under the Influence with Elvis Mitchell (TV series) - invited
* 2008: Witness in love (or love of a witness, Made of Honour) by Paul Weiland - Thomas Bailey Sr.

As director

* 1961: Cain's Hundred (TV series). One episode:
o King of the Mountain (1961) (TV episode)
* 1962: Target: corruptors (Target: The Corruptors) (TV series). One episode:
o The Wrecker (1962) (TV episode)
* 1962: The Tall Man (TV series). Two episodes:
o Rio Doloroso (1962) (TV episode)
o Phoebe (1962) (TV episode)
* 1962: Suspicion (The Alfred Hitchcock Hour) (TV series). Two episodes.
* 1962-1963: Ben Casey (TV series). Ten episodes:
o I'll Be Alright in the Morning (1963) (TV episode)
o A Cardinal Act of Mercy: Part 1 (1963) (TV episode)
o A Cardinal Act of Mercy: Part 2 (1963) (TV episode)
o Suffer the Little Children (1963) (TV episode)
o For This Relief, Much Thanks (1963) (TV episode)
o (5 other episodes ...)
* 1963: The Accused (The Defenders) (TV series). One episode:
o Kill or Be Killed (1963) (TV episode)
* 1963: "Breaking Point" (TV series). One episode:
o Solo for B-Flat Clarinet (1963) (TV episode)
* 1963-1965: Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (TV series). Five episodes:
o The Game (1965) (TV episode)
o The Fliers (1965) (TV episode)
o Murder in the First (1964) (TV episode)
o Is the Number Two (1964) (TV episode)
o Something About Lee Wiley (1963) (TV episode)
* 1964-1965: High Voltage (Kraft Suspense Theatre) (TV series). Two episodes:
o The Last Clear Chance (1965) (TV episode)
o The Watchman (1964) (TV episode)
* 1964: The Fugitive (The Fugitive) (TV series. An episode:
o Man on a String (1964) (TV episode)
* 1964: Slattery's People (TV series. An episode:
o Question: What Became of the White Tortilla? (1964) (TV episode)
* 1965: The Slender Thread
* 1966: Property prohibited (This Property Is Condemned)
* 1968: The Hunters scalps (The Scalphunters)
* 1968: The Swimmer
* 1969: A castle in hell (Castle Keep)
* 1969: On completion of horses (They Shoot Horses, Do not They?)
* 1972: Jeremiah Johnson
* 1973: the way we were (The Way We Were)
* 1975: Yakuza (The Yakuza)
* 1975: Three Days of the Condor (Three Days of the Condor)
* 1977: Bobby Deerfield
* 1979: The Electric Horseman (The Electric Horseman)
* 1981: Absence of Malice (Absence of Malice)
* 1982: Tootsie
* 1985: Out of Africa
* 1990: Havana
* 1993: The Firm (The Firm)
* 1995: Sabrina
* 1999: The Shadow of a suspicion (Random Hearts)
* 2005: The Interpreter (The Interpreter)
* 2005: Sketches of Frank Gehry (Sketches of Frank Gehry)

As producer

* 1974: Yakusa (The Yakuza)
* 1977: Bobby Deerfield (Heaven Has No Favorites)
* 1980: Show Bus (Honeysuckle Rose, On the Road Again) (executive producer)
* 1981: Absence of Malice (Absence of Malice)
* 1982: Tootsie
* 1984: Songwriter
* 1985: Sanford Meisner: The American Theatre's Best Kept Secret (executive producer)
* 1985: Out of Africa (Out of Africa)
* 1988: The lights at night (Bright Lights, Big City)
* 1989: Susie and Baker Boys (The Fabulous Baker Boys) (executive producer)
* 1990: Presumed innocent (Presumed Innocent)
* 1990: White Palace (executive producer)
* 1990: Havana (executive producer)
* 1991: King Ralph
* 1991: Dead Again (The Past returns) (executive producer)
* 1992: Leaving Normal (executive producer)
* 1992: Selection of a mother (A Private Matter or Miss Sherri) (TV, executive producer)
* 1993: Fallen Angels (TV series, executive producer)
* 1993: The Firm (The Firm)
* 1993: Searching for Bobby Fischer (executive producer)
* 1993: Flesh and Bone (executive producer)
* 1993: Sense and Sensibility (Sense and Sensibility) (executive producer)
* 1995: Sabrina
* 1998: Bronx County (TV, executive producer)
* 1998: Pile & face (or Les Portes du destiny, Sliding Doors)
* 1998: Embrouille a Poodle Springs (Poodle Springs) (TV, executive producer)
* 1999: The Shadow of a suspicion (or The Hasards heart, Random Hearts)
* 1999: The Talented Mr Ripley (or The Énigmatique Mr. Ripley, The Mysterious Yearning Secretive Sad Lonely Troubled Confused Loving Musical Gifted Intelligent Beautiful Tender Sensitive Haunted Passionate Talented Mr. Ripley) by Anthony Minghella
* 2000: Just one night (Up at the Villa) (executive producer)
* 2000: Coup combing (Blow Dry) (executive producer)
* 2001: Fiancée the map (or Nadia, Birthday Girl) (Executive Producer)
* 2001: Poems for Iris (Iris) (executive producer)
* 2002: Paradis (Heaven) (executive producer)
* 2002: An American well quiet (The Quiet American and The Spy) (executive producer)
* 2002: Back to Cold Mountain (Cold Mountain)
* 2003: In the Name of Love (Russian Wives) (executive producer)
* 2005: Forty Shades of Blue (executive producer)
* 2005: The Interpreter (The Interpreter) (executive producer)
* 2005: Sketches of Frank Gehry (Sketches of Frank Gehry) (executive producer)
* 2006: On behalf of freedom (or De fire and blood, Catch a Fire) (executive producer)
* 2006: By break (Breaking and Entering) by Anthony Minghella
* 2007: Michael Clayton
* 2008: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (TV, executive producer)
* 2008: Games of dupes (or Double Thursday, Leatherheads) (executive producer)
* 2008: Recount (TV, executive producer)
* 2008: Margaret; finished shooting (film not yet released the death of producer).
* 2008: The Reader; filming underway (film not yet released the death of producer).

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