Ellora is a village in India, formerly known as Elapurâ, located 30 km from the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra famous for its troglodyte architecture, Buddhist monasteries and temples (group A: 1 grottes from 12 to 500 V. v. 650), Hindus (group B: 13 to 31 caves carved in the seventh and eighth century) and Jain (group C: built between the eighth and thirteenth centuries).

These structures were excavated from a vertical wall of hills Charanandri and they are only 34, including 12 Buddhist, 17 Hindu and 5 Jain. The coexistence of these structures shows the religious tolerance which India has always been.

In 1983, the site of Ellora has been listed as world heritage by UNESCO.

Caves Hindu
Hindu caves were constructed in the beginning of the seventh. Some of them are of such complexity that it took a very important time to complete.

The Temple of Kailâsanâtha (725-755) is the jewel of the site, a building shaped temple, completely excavated from the cliff. Its size is twice bigger than the Parthenon in Athens.

The Buddhist caves
The Buddhist caves are the earliest structures and consist mainly vihara and monasteries, some have shrines illustrated by an image of Buddha.

The cave's most famous Buddhist cave is Vishwakarma, better known as the "Cave of the carpenter." This nickname comes from the fact that entry and ceilings were carved so as to give the impression of wooden beams. At the heart of this cave is a statue of Buddha.

Jaina caves
These caves have dimensions that reveal the concepts of Jainism. These effects reflect the strong sense of asceticism. That is why their dimensions are smaller. Yet the caves are carved as finely as their Hindu and Buddhist. These caves also differ from other because their ceilings were originally painted richly. Fragments of paint are still visible today.(W3C)

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