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La Tomatina
La Tomatina is a festival celebrated on the last Wednesday of August each year, Bunol, province of Valencia, Spain.

Thousands of participants come from every corner of the world for this celebration of the Battle of tomatoes!

The battle is the scene of thousands of flying tomatoes and laughter, and the culmination of a weeklong festival celebrating the patron saint (Sant Lluis Bertran) village.

La Tomatina obtained in August 2002 the label Festival of International Tourist Interest.

The Rules
* Bottles are prohibited and any object can cause an accident.
* It is forbidden to tear the T-shirts.
* The tomatoes must be crushed before being thrown!
* Please note the passage of trucks (which are dumping tons of tomatoes damaged that can not be offered for sale).
* At the second blast, stop the battle.

It all started in 1945, when young then met on the village square (Bunol), where we celebrated the Tomatina, in passing the village authorities, band music, and "Giant", a group of young people who wanted to participate, had caused a stampede. One participant fell, and, disgusted, hit everything in front of him, which meant that everyone started to fight ... The destiny wanted that close, there is a small trade in vegetables, Young did not hesitate to use the best tomatoes! By cons, they had to pay the damage afterwards.

This "battle" has not been forgotten a year later the same Wednesday of August, young people are once again on the spot, but this time they brought their own tomatoes, and had begun Second Battle of tomatoes, which was dissolved by the police.

The village authorities have always opposed the celebration known as "the day of the Tomatina, but in one form or another, the celebration took place. City Council Bunol decided, after a blackout period of 7 years, allowing the giant tomato fight in the 1970s to boost tourism.

Like other festivals Tomatina has its detractors who handle arguments like that is an intolerable waste of food.

In 2007 the City of Bunol multinational sued Adidas for using the word "Tomatina" in a limited number of sneakers. The municipality requested the withdrawal of the model and compensation for infringement of the trademark rights of the party. In November 2008 the Community Trademark Court No. 1 of Alicante dismissed the case.

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