Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage
Traditional Thai massage is an ancient therapy performed in Thailand. It was formerly practiced by hermits doctors considered the Buddha and is originally from India.

Origins of Massage
Wat Phra Chetuphan or in other words Wat Pho temple is very famous for Thai massage. In this spot, you can see many statues of hermits practicing various gestures to present methods of self massage known as Rishi dat tone translated as self-massage of hermits. The statues were made at the request of King Rama III.

The theory of Thai massage is based on the concept that power lines are connected to the body. If these energy lines are blocked, it causes health problems such as stress, high blood pressure or fever. When the body does not go well, the mind is also weak. To cure such diseases, the traditional Thai massage aims to release blocked energy lines. The suffering parts are pressed using the thumbs to promote the circulation of energy.

Practitioners of massage can be men or women. However, most are women. For important qualifications of people working as masseur or masseuse, it is essential to be trained and certified.

Massage Techniques
There are two basic types of massage, the style of the Court and style of the people. The masseuse uses only the thumbs to the style of the Court while the thumbs, knees, elbows and feet are used to the style of the people. Customers wear comfortable clothing and lie on a mattress. Before beginning the massage, it is necessary that the masseuse his respects to teachers.

The masseuse works from head to foot. After few minutes she asks clients if the pressure is too strong or too sweet. The main power lines are pressed to unlock the flow of energy. The muscles are stretched so that the stress and muscle tension and mind down. The massage, which lasts about two hours, ends with the massage of neck and head.

Sometimes, customers may request a foot massage if they need special treatment. The foot massage is the art of Chinese medicine. It is believed that the roots of the nerves of internal organs are in the soles of feet. Then the masseuse press on the points of the roots using a wooden stick or throwing a diseased part with a very fine needle to get a good blood circulation and stimulation of internal organs. This treatment is offered in cases of headaches, tension, or even constipation.

Herbal Sauna
Besides the technical pressure, herbal sauna which was taking place in the past for new mothers is added to massage today. The herbal sauna helps to have good health, reduce muscle tension and refresh your skin.

Some herbs like turmeric, thyme satureoide, senna, leaves of tamarind, acacia are heated with steam. People breathe herbal steam and aroma of herbs helps to relieve the respiratory system.

Nowadays, the traditional Thai massage and herbal sauna therapies are very popular not only among Thais but also foreigners. These therapies provide a physical and psychological relaxation.

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