Candles: Usage today

Usage today
The candle is always a source of light troubleshooting, but its uses are more common in the order of the utility.

It symbolizes the years on birthday cakes or used to decorate Christmas trees with high risks of fire when his replacement by electric candles that look real.

It also creates intimacy during a candlelit dinner at a restaurant or at home, unless it multiplies on chandeliers and candlesticks in pageants sometimes approximate or receptions.

Its use is still appropriate in religious rituals (this is called candle) as the paschal candle and a Christian involved in the lighting ceremonies. Catholic piety is also still use candles as an accompaniment to prayer, especially when it is addressed to the Virgin Mary or the saints: the act of burning a candle in thanks largely persists.

The candle is also used in other religions or related devices, such as Wicca. The candles have many magical properties known by their color, smell and shape.

Other uses: ear candles or ear candle.

Candles: History
Candles: Operation
Candles: Usage today
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