Action figure

Action figure
An articulated figure (or action figure) is usually a plastic figurine, often inspired by a cartoon, film or uniform of a military entity.

The term includes action figure toys for children but also the objects for the collection as they leave (such as McFarlane Toys, for example).

These figures are distinguished by the dolls that they generally do not exceed 30 inches, they are made of plastic (or other hard material) and are manipulated through the joints.

Among the series of articulated figures include the GI Joe, Action Man and COPS 'N' Crooks at Hasbro, the toy versions of the Knights of the Zodiac (the Myth Cloth), Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, or yet by Bandai Dragon Ball Z.

Soft toy wrestler (WCW, WWF and WWE) are also very popular since the 80s.

Although they also articulated the type Playmobil toys are usually not designated by this term. Toys like Barbie are in turn designated by the term model doll.

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