An enchilada is a special dish of Mexican origin consisting of a tortilla, rolled and covered with spicy sauce. The tortilla is usually used fried before being filled; filling usually includes meat, including chicken, especially in Mexico, but it can also be made with beef, beans, mashed ("frijoles refritos") shrimp, pork, etc.. In some culinary traditions, the enchilada is browned in the oven.

To stuff the enchiladas, it is best to fry just until they become soft, then place them on absorbent paper to remove excess oil. Stuff them and roll them and place them in a dish with sauce and garnish with cheese chosen for browning in the oven. The enchiladas are often served with sour cream and top with coriander leaves. The accompaniments are rice and / or red beans frijoles refritos and / or guacamole and / or cream.

Different varieties of enchiladas are covered with different sauces:

* In the "green enchiladas (" verdes "), the sauce is tomato-based cooked green;
* In the "enchilada red" ("rojas" or "Coloradas"), the sauce is tomato red and / or red pepper (chili);
* In the "mole enchiladas (" enchiladas mole "or" enmoladas "), the sauce is chilli and cocoa;
* In the "Swiss enchiladas (" Suizas "), sauce, green is made of cream and enchilada is then covered with cheese that is brown in the oven.

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